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Narrative Success

Practice "Goldminer"

How to change negative thinking?

In this practice, we control our focus, activate our memory, and look for gold in our past. We consciously focus on the existing chain of success and plunge into the experience of this state of "achievement".

1. Choose an area in which you are successful. Successful in business or relationships, cooking or running long distances, raising children or teaching people, growing cacti or reading books. Anything.

2. Write this statement on a sheet and then start counting the years, 2020, 2019, and so on until the year of your conception. Feel how much time has already passed.

3. Starting from the very beginning, start remembering what steps (small or imperceptible) have led you to success in this area at the moment.

You can write this in 1 evening or write in 1.5 weeks.

You are a goldminer in your life. Take a careful walk through your life and choose these grains of gold from which success has developed. This will strengthen the neural circuits, revitalize the memory, the hippocampus, the focus will shift to positive experiences, you will strengthen the state of achievement, the state of joy, positive movement and development.
Grow the resource part of your personality.

Practice from Alunika Dobrovolskaya.